I am currently a product designer at Groupon working on the Merchant Experience.

Out of undergrad I started as a graphic designer. Though I loved what I was doing, I wanted more. I couldn't articulate it at the time but I hoped grad school would help me find it. What drew me to product design was the broadness of the job description. The job felt to me like you just did whatever was necessary to move a project forward.

Digital design allows a project to reach a point where it feels 'real' very quickly. As a designer there has always been nothing more exciting then holding a final product in my hands, but it also always brought this undercurrent of fear as you hope you don't find anything you want to change. In the digital space I have found a medium that allows me to get to that 'real' stage much more quickly, and embrace rather than fear that desire to iterate and find areas for improvement. 

As each project unfolds I look forward to that moment when you can feel yourself teetering on the edge of expertise. Whether that be the subject area, your user, or the platform; that moment is something I continuously strive for and that journey motivates me. 

I am drawn to the field of user experience because I am fascinated by understanding how different people see the world and how people operate differently. I particularly enjoy creating opportunities for collaborative brainstorming, user research as both a qualitative and quantitative research tool, and applying design thinking approaches to my design process.

In my spare time I am an avid weaver, embroiderer, and aspiring tennis player.