The Goal

When a deal sells out (reaches the sales cap determined within their contract) Groupon loses Merchants. These are typically the best merchants and deals. Currently the system notifies Merchants they are close to selling out on web and through email. We estimate that we are missing 90% of Merchants with the notification system currently in place.

The addition of this feature would allow Groupon to keep more Merchants active on the platform.


The current sales cap increase feature on web



As the functionality already exists on web, we focused on introducing it to the mobile and tablet apps. The goal was to improve the conversion rate of Merchants choosing to increase their cap by having messaging and functionality across all platforms.



I worked with a product manager and a small team of engineers to introduce this feature. Design was completed in 10 days.




The design was heavily shaped by the logic that already existed. A major factor in the design was supporting single option deals and multi-option deals simultaneously within the same design. 

The ask included the ability to surface default percentage increases while also allowing for custom values to be inputted. We were focused on three unique flows which users could enter in order to increase the sales cap.

  • An in-app notification
  • Through an existing campaign card
  • Push notification


An early iteration created two different edit modes—presets and a custom input—that users could transition between. This first direction also had the user initially selecting a single option, or multiple options (by checkmarks) to edit.


Screen 1: A user selects the options they want to increase  Screen 2: They choose from one of the preset percentages  Screen 3: The amount of vouchers is reflected based on the percentage selection  Screen 4: Users can choose to enter a custom percentage if their desired increase is not amongst the presets



The feedback on the first direction was a wish to simplify the overall steps involved. It was also concluded that we preferred to pre-emptively assume they wanted to update all options simultaneously rather than optimize for individual editing.

The final design direction transitioned the edit mode to a slider. The edit process allows any percentage to be chosen but users can also choose to input their own value.

The following prototype demonstrates the process for increasing the cap for a single option.


Another benefit of the new design is we were able to maintain the same layout for our proposed A/B tests. 

Below are the three original flows we were solving for, plus the edit flow which is shared across all entry points. The feature is currently in development.



The addition of the sales cap increase feature to the mobile app resulted in 3x our initial predictions! Our average increase rate for mobile is equal to those happening on web. Additionally, since releasing the feature on mobile our overall increase rate has increased by 6%.

However, we are seeing conversion numbers slightly lower than those happening on web. We are diving deeper into this metric to better understand what about the mobile context contributes to a lower completion rate.